How Much Does it Cost to Own a GameStop in 2019?

Considering the recent trend of online shopping for video games, it is no wonder that GameStop is struggling financially. The company has seen its sales fall over the past few years. Compared to its peak in 2016, GameStop is now losing money. The company reports that its sales have dropped by about 35% this year, a drop of more than 30% from its peak in 2014. The drop in sales has been attributed to the company’s shift to online shopping for video games, with fewer teenagers buying games in the store.

While GameStop isn’t exactly the hottest stock to buy, it is still a good investment – with a starting price of $49,000. You will also need at least $67,500 in liquid capital. This amount is higher than the franchise fee. In addition, GameStop stock has a profitable “short squeeze” rally coming up in early 2021.

The company’s stock has recently been the target of short sellers, whose strategy has caused the price to soar. A $100 investment in the S&P 500 five years ago would have yielded $180, whereas a $100 purchase of GameStop would only return $15 by January 2020. This trend is referred to as short selling. In short selling, investors believe that the stock’s value will continue to fall.

Another factor that could affect GameStop’s stock price is its current lack of online games. The company has not invented a new platform that will make gaming addictive, and it has yet to launch a streaming gaming service. However, it has seen some success in battling online day traders and has stepped up its online presence. However, GameStop has a long way to go.

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