Which Are the Best Lyrics From Lemmy Kilmister?

One of the most famous songs by Lemmy Kilmister is ‘Saving Grace,’ which was adapted from a Pete Townshend song. It’s a good example of Lemmy’s improvisational guitar style. The scrunches at the start are reminiscent of the beginning of Creation, and the guitar solo sounds like 999 monkeys were given guitars, and one came up with free jazz.

Aside from his legendary guitar work with Motorhead, Lemmy was a roadie in the late sixties for Jimi Hendrix and the Nice. He was especially enamored of those who worked behind the scenes. Despite the fact that his songs often evoke the feelings of women, his lyrics exemplify his admiration for women’s music.

Another song with a memorable chorus is ‘Shut Up’, which is similar to ‘Rocket to Russia’ from the Motorhead album. This song was later covered by the Ramones, and Lemmy names every Ramone in the lyrics. The song ends with a reference to Joey calling Lemmy. Another song that uses an ominous title is ‘Wait, Let Me Finish My Thoughts.’

Another great song that features Lemmy is ‘Shake Your Blood’. This song, which was written by Motorhead’s Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, was later recorded by the band. Originally called ‘City Kids,’ the song re-used Lemmy’s trademark sneer to create the perfect metal song. This song has become one of the most popular metal songs of all time, and fans of Motorhead are still eager to hear it today.

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